Good Food & Wine Show 2016

What did I learn at #GFWS2016?

Many years ago a friend and I started a tradition of going to the GFWS each year on the Friday (less crowded, naughty day off work). The draw for us has always been the wine part of the show, particularly the Barossa alley, where we spend most of our time sampling (until we can’t stand up any more?).

In addition to my favourite Barossa wines, I hunt down a few new and old favourites to enjoy as well. I can’t, and don’t, go past Bruny Island cheeses, so good with the wines. And I’m excited to find the artisanal Beemster dutch cheeses, the 18 month and 26 month aged cheeses were so strong and, well, cheesy!.

Red Art winery is a new one on me, and it’s a goody! I loved their Petit Verdot, it’s a joy to taste both the 2011 and the 2006 to see how well it is ageing. The Gibbston Valley Wine stall takes me back to my first love – Central Otago Pinot Noir, what a treat, and now I can get them delivered to Australia too! Others that impress are the Thorn-Clark Graciano, only the 2nd graciano I’ve ever tried, and the Schwarz shiraz’s. It’s a pleasure to see Gundog again, only a few weeks after sampling at their cellar door in the Hunter.

Thorn-Clark Graciano at #GFWS2016
Thorn-Clark Graciano at #GFWS2016
Red Art Vineyard Petit Verdot
Red Art Vineyard Petit Verdot
Schwarz Wine Co Shiraz's
Schwarz Wine Co Shiraz’s

The artisanal gin craze continues.

The Generations Gin from the Barossa is lovely, with its ageing in toasted french oak. And the Sud Polaire tastes as clean as it’s design looks. Tasting straight gin reminds me that it’s time I head home from the #GFWS2016, while I am still intact.

Sud Polaire Gin
Sud Polaire Gin

Met any good artisanal gins lately – let me know your fav!

Best Bits: Barossa section, gins, Bruny island cheeses, having Friday off

Worst bits: all the processed  and over-packaged foods, being in Homebush – but hopefully moving back to Darling Harbour next year.



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